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Hotline - 0918 976 522

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the sole panaboard distributor of GBC, DINO, EBA, Panasonic Brand in Vietnam

Distribute panaboard of GBC, DINO, EBA, Panasonic Brand

BNP Company - the sole panaboard distributor of Major Brand in Vietnam - provide panaboard of high quality and competitive price from famous brands in the world.

- GBC panaboard - USA

- EBA panaboard - Germany

- DINO panaboard - Germany

- Panasonic panaboard - Japan

Please contact us, we are of service to you.

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GBC Head office

Clary Business Machines Co.
6224 Ferris Square, Suite C
San Diego, CA 92121


EBA Head office






BNP Co.,Ltd

Tel: (08)- 3920 5920

Hotline: 0918 976 522

Yahoo name: honghanh_232

Skype name: anhana78

Email: mayvathietbivanphong@gmail.com

Websites: www.maythietbivanphong.com - www.nganhangmayhuy.com.vn - www.maydemtienglory.vn - www.gloryjapan.vn - www.mayhuy.net

Address: 258/7 Tran Hung Dao street, District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam

Bảng Điện Tử  PANASONIC UB-5835 ,  Bảng Thông Minh  PANASONIC UB-5835  , Bảng Tương Tác   PANASONIC UB-5835    , Pananboard  PANASONIC UB-5835 (Table E PANASONIC UB-5835, Table Smart PANASONIC UB-5835, Table Interactive PANASONIC UB-5835, UB-5835 PANASONIC Pananboard), (表E PANASONIC UB-5835、表スマートPANASONIC UB- 5835、 表インタラクティブPANASONIC UB-5835、UB-5835 PANASONIC Pananboard)

Bảng Điện Tử  PANASONIC UB-5335 ,  Bảng Thông Minh  PANASONIC UB-5335  , Bảng Tương Tác   PANASONIC UB-5335  , Pananboard  PANASONIC UB-5335 (Table E PANASONIC UB-5335, Table Smart PANASONIC UB-5335, Table Interactive PANASONIC UB-5335, UB-5335 PANASONIC Pananboard), (表E PANASONIC UB-5335、表スマートPANASONIC UB - 5335、 表インタラクティブPANASONIC UB-5335、UB-5335 PANASONIC Pananboard)

Bảng Điện Tử  PANASONIC UB-5365 ,  Bảng Thông Minh  PANASONIC UB-5365  , Bảng Tương Tác   PANASONIC UB-5365    , Pananboard  PANASONIC UB-5365 (Table E PANASONIC UB-5365, Table Smart PANASONIC UB-5365, Table Interactive PANASONIC UB-5365, UB-5365 PANASONIC Pananboard), (表E PANASONIC UB-5365、表スマートPANASONIC UB -5365、 表インタラクティブPANASONIC UB-5365、UB-5365 PANASONIC Pananboard)

Bảng Điện Tử  PANASONIC UB-5338 ,  Bảng Thông Minh  PANASONIC UB-5338  , Bảng Tương Tác   PANASONIC UB-5338    , Pananboard  PANASONIC UB-5338 (Table E PANASONIC UB-5338, Table Smart PANASONIC UB-5338, Table Interactive PANASONIC UB-5338, UB-5338 PANASONIC Pananboard), (表E PANASONIC UB-5338、表スマートPANASONIC UB-5338、 表インタラクティブPANASONIC UB-5338、UB-5338 PANASONIC Pananboard)

Bảng Điện Tử  PANASONIC UB-5865 ,  Bảng Thông Minh  PANASONIC UB-5865  , Bảng Tương Tác   PANASONIC UB-5865    , Pananboard  PANASONIC UB-5865 (Table E PANASONIC UB-5865, Table Smart PANASONIC UB-5865, Table Interactive PANASONIC UB-5865, UB-5865 PANASONIC Pananboard), (表E PANASONIC UB-5865、表スマートPANASONIC UB-5865、 表インタラクティブPANASONIC UB-5865、UB-5865 PANASONIC Pananboard)

Bảng Điện Tử  PANASONIC UB- T760 ,  Bảng Thông Minh  PANASONIC UB- T760  , Bảng Tương Tác   PANASONIC UB- T760   , Pananboard  PANASONIC UB- T760 (Electronics PANASONIC table UB-T760, Table Smart PANASONIC UB- T760, PANASONIC UB- T760 Interactive Whiteboard, Pananboard  PANASONIC UB- T760), (エレクトロニクス PANASONIC テーブルUB-T760、表スマートPANASONIC UB- T760、インタラクティブホワイトボード PANASONIC UB- T760 ,  UB-T760 PANASONIC Pananboard)

Bảng Điện Tử  PANASONIC UB- T781G ,  Bảng Thông Minh  PANASONIC UB- T781G  , Bảng Tương Tác   PANASONIC UB- T781G, Pananboard  PANASONIC UB- T781G (Electronics PANASONIC UB - table T781G, Table Smart PANASONIC UB- T781G, Table Interactive PANASONIC UB- T781G, Pananboard PANASONIC UB- T781G), (エレクトロニクスPANASONICテーブルUB-T781G、表スマートPANASONIC UB- T781G、表インタラクティブPANASONIC UB- T781G、UB-T781G Pananboard PANASONIC)

Bảng Điện Tử  PANASONIC UB-7325 ,  Bảng Thông Minh  PANASONIC UB-7325  , Bảng Tương Tác   PANASONIC UB-7325, Pananboard  PANASONIC UB-7325 (Table E PANASONIC UB-7325, UB-7325 Table Smart PANASONIC, Table Interactive PANASONIC UB-7325, UB-7325 PANASONIC Pananboard), (表E PANASONIC UB-7325、表スマートPANASONIC UB-7325、 表インタラクティブPANASONIC UB-7325、UB-7325 PANASONIC Pananboard)